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10 latest versions


  • A nicer look for calendar with time picker
  • Due date & remind at are more subtle
  • Highlight overdue dates in the task details


  • Save task now navigates to corresponding page
    • No due date -> 'Inbox'
    • Due date is today -> 'Today'
    • The rest -> 'All'
  • Cleaning up side bar by introducing a Settings page
  • Fix bug selection tag not closing the side bar
  • Fix bug allowing empty text saved as a tag


New Features:
  • A new filter 'Next 7 Days' shows all the upcoming tasks within 7 days
    • Tasks separate by days for a clearer overview and easier planning
    • A day selection for a faster search
  • Filters 'Tomorrow' & 'Future' has been completely remove
  • Calendar picker for due date & reminders
  • Redesign of 'Today' filter now has a clear separation between overdue and today's task
  • Filter section has been merged with 'Inbox' & 'All Todos'
  • A placeholder when no task is present is now more subtle
  • Have better visual separation between the task lists
  • Limit the notes characters to 5,000
  • Autopopulate the date based on the selected day in "next 7 days"
  • Sort task by created date when the tasks in the same group have the same due date
  • Add overdue section to 'All Todos'
  • Fix title can consist of only spaces
  • Fix list header on dark mode to have the same color as a backgroud
  • Fix the bug in "next 7 days" allowing to go back further than a current week


  • Choosing a tag will now close a side bar
  • Remove unwated spacing in the task list
  • Fix a rare bug when selecting a tag, the list disappears without adding
  • In the next release, the filters will be redesigned, as such a known bug with Today's task order is not fixed


  • Tags on a side bar are now listed vertically
  • Remove the card styling for the tasks list (for better visibility)
  • fix all buttons in dark mode where not visible when creating/ editing tasks
  • fix bug when selected tags doesn't have todos navigates back
  • fix bug when previous task didn't have a tags (from previous versions)
  • fix various colors for a better contrast
  • fix modal on dismiss displayed wrong tag opration information


  • Dark mode setting is moved to a side bar
  • Tags section on side bar is now collapsable
  • Task order when search by tags is now based on due dates
  • Multiple bugs causing the app not to function properly has been exterminated


New Features:
  • Tags are now available
    • Now you have the ability to group various task under one group
    • Create a new tag or select an existing tag
    • Use auto completion for a quicker organization
    • Select tag(s) to find the task you need
      • Selecting multiple tags will result in tasks which contains all the selected tags
    • Color coding:
      • Blue – already added tag(s)
      • Yellow – just added tag(s), have yet to be saved
      • Red – scheduled for deletion (only applied when deleting a blue tag)
  • A task details will not close after saving/ adding
  • A “Todo Done” button now has been replaced by a checkmark for a better experience
  • All the changes in for the task will be saved as well
  • Removed unnecessary alerts & popup (i.e. delete confirmation)
  • Delete task operation has been moved under extra options (…) to prevent accidental deletions
  • “Save change” in task detail view has been moved to the top right corner to provide more vertical space when a mobile keyboard is opened
  • Unblocked all the features for use without an email verification (only during beta)
  • Will have an alert at the bottom displaying the "Not verified status"
  • Still requires email verification for the name to be recorded under beta testers
  • Multiple bugs causing the app not to function properly has been exterminated
Teaser for future releases:
  • Sub-tasks
  • Projects


An app is moved into the open beta testing, the functionality available is:

  • Add a new task
    • Set due date
    • Set reminder (currently only working on mobile)
    • Add notes
  • Filters
    • Today
      • Will include todays and past due date tasks
      • Can be switched between "In Progress" & "Done" statuses (will display the task completed today)
    • Tomorrow
    • Future
  • Inbox
    • Will place all the tasks here without a due date
  • All Todos
    • Will display all past, present & future tasks
    • Can be switched between "In Progress" & "Done" statuses
Teaser for future releases:
  • Tags
  • Sub-tasks
  • Projects